• Bathing

Treat your furry friend to a spa day! Our baths include shampoo, conditioner (tailored to breed needs), toenail trim, and ear cleaning. We offer a variety of specialized shampoos and conditioners for different skin conditions. Book your appointment today for a refreshing experience!

• Behavioral Counseling

Sometimes, it's not just about physical health. Our experienced doctors can uncover the root causes of behavioral issues like aggression or separation anxiety. With behavior modification techniques, we aim to bring positive change. In severe cases, we may suggest medication, but our focus is always on understanding and altering behavior.

• Boarding
Give your pet a home away from home! Our facility ensures your pet's comfort with air conditioning in summer, cozy heating in winter, and even heated floors. Take a tour of our facility before booking. Remember, reservations and up-to-date vaccinations are necessary for your pet's stay!

• Dental Care
Maintain your pet's oral health beyond brushing! Professional dental cleanings are crucial in preventing periodontal disease, which can lead to severe health issues. Let us help keep your pet's smile shining bright.

• Euthanasia Services
Saying goodbye is never easy. We provide compassionate euthanasia services and respectful cremation options. We prioritize dignified farewells and do not offer convenience-based euthanasia.

• Grooming
Treat your pet to a makeover! Our grooming services include baths, haircuts, toenail trims, ear cleaning, and a thorough brush out. Hurry and call to reserve your spot; appointments fill up quickly!

• Immunization/Wellness Care
Prevention is key! Our comprehensive wellness care aims to keep your pet healthy, offering physical exams, parasite and heartworm testing, vaccinations, and more. Let's keep illnesses at bay!

• Internal Medicine
Covering various internal medical specialties, we ensure holistic care for your pet, from cardiology to orthopedic surgery and more.

• Laser Therapy
Experience the wonders of Class IV laser therapy! This innovative treatment reduces pain and inflammation while boosting healing. Perfect for post-surgery, arthritic, and dermatological cases. Ask our team about this remarkable therapy!

• Microchipping
Protect your pet with HomeAgain® Microchipping! It's the best chance for a lost pet to find their way home. Give your furry friend the gift of a lifetime ID for peace of mind.

• Nutritional Counseling
Every pet deserves a balanced diet. Our Purina Veterinary Diets cater to special health needs. Consult our qualified staff for more information on these special diets.

• Pain Management
Ease your pet's discomfort with our tailored pain management programs. If you suspect your pet is in pain, talk to our doctors about available options.

• Pharmacy
Convenience at your fingertips! Our on-site pharmacy stocks top-quality pharmaceuticals for your pet's care needs.

• Radiology (X-rays)
We utilize cutting-edge digital X-ray technology to assess your pet's condition accurately.

• Surgery
From routine procedures to specialized surgeries, we ensure your pet's safety by conducting thorough evaluations and necessary bloodwork before any operation.

• Ultrasound
Non-invasive and effective, our ultrasound procedures help diagnose specific internal conditions without causing any discomfort to your pet.


** If you are unable to make your appointment, a minimum 2 hour notice is required. If you do not show and/or a 2 hours notice is not provided, you will be charged and invoiced for the office visit/physical exam fee. **

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