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•    Bathing
Our baths include shampoo, conditioner (depending on breed), toenail trim, ear cleaning.  We offer numerous kinds of shampoo/conditioner to treat many kinds of skin conditions.  Please schedule you appointment today!

•    Behavioral Modification
Many conditions are not physical but behavioral.  Our doctors can help determine the cause of such disorders like aggression, separation anxiety, etc.  A lot of times these types of conditions can be changed with behavior modification but other times in extreme cases medication may be necessary.

•    Boarding
We offer boarding for dogs and cats.  Our facility is air conditioned in the summer and well heated in the winter.  We also have heated floors in the winter for your pets comfort.  Feel free to come and tour our facility.  Reservations and proof of vaccinations are required!

•    Dental Care
Regular brushing of your pets teeth is important but is often not enough.  Routine professional dental cleaning is important to maintaining your pet's health.  Periodontal disease can lead to other serious health problems.

•    Euthanasia Services
Saying goodbye to your furry family member is never easy.  We offer euthanasia services as well as cremation services.  We DO NOT do convenient Euthanasia's.

•    Grooming
We offer grooming services which includes a bath, haircut, toenail trim, ear cleaning and brush out.  Please call for a reservation these appointments book up fast.

•    Immunization/Wellness Care
Our goal is to prevent your pet from becoming ill.  Wellness care is critical in accomplishing this.  Immunization/Wellness Care includes:  Physical Exam, internal parasite testing, heartworm testing, heartworm & flea preventative, vaccinations, routine bloodwork, spay & neuters.

•    Internal Medicine
We cover all types of internal medicine, including Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic surgery and more…

•    Laser Therapy
Class IV laser therapy is the use of an intense beam of laser light directed into tissues to reduce pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.  Great for post-surgery patients, arthritic patients, Orthopedic patients, pets with skin conditions, etc….  Ask one of our staff members about laser therapy, it's amazing what it can do. 

•    Microchipping
We are proud to offer HomeAgain® Microchipping. A lost Pet, it happens far too often.  A microchip may be the most important gift you ever give your pet. Microchipping provides the peace of mind that you've given your pet the permanent, lifetime ID he/she needs for the best chance to come home

•    Nutritional Counseling
We carry Purina Veternary Diets.  All pets require a balanced diet but some need special diets to help maintain proper health.  Ask your doctor or a qualified staff member about our special diets.

•    Pain Management
We offer pain management programs for those pets in need.  If you feel that your pet is experiencing pain ask your doctor about your pain management options.

•    Pharmacy
We have a full service Pharmacy on site.  We carry the best pharmaceuticals available in the pet care industry.

•    Radiology (x-rays)
We have a top of the line digital x-ray on site to help evaluate your pets condition.

•    Surgery
We perform all kinds of surgeries from spay & neuters to specialized eye surgeries and orthopedic surgeries.  All pets are evaluated and bloodwork is performed to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia.

•    Ultrasound
This is a non-invasive procedure which allows us to examine specific internal organs by using sound waves.  This procedure is painless for your pet but very effective and diagnosing certain conditions.


** If you are unable to make your appointment, a minimum 2 hour notice is required. If you do not show and/or a 2 hours notice is not provided, you will be charged and invoiced for the office visit/physical exam fee. **